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Interests Calculator Pro

A superflexible and complete interest calculator

Your personal finance companion!


Set all kinds of parameters, including variable rates, capitalizations and taxes.

Powerful and Unique

You can either calculate the final amount, or the principal, or the interest rate, or the start date, or the end date of your investment, given the other parameters!


With the summary view you get an year over year progress of your interest plan.


You can simulate the effects of inflation and thus calculate the real interest rate and the final amount net of inflation!

Easy & Powerful

This Interests Calculator is an highly valuable instrument that supports fixed or yearly variable interest rates, inflation impact evaluation, simple, compound or continuous capitalization, taxes on interest and more.


You can calculate:

Final Amount Calculate the final amount and the total rate of the investment
Start/End Date of the Investment Calculate when a certain amount can be reached given a certain interest rate
Interest Rate Calculate which rate is necessary to reach a certain amount in a certain time frame
Inflation Calculate how the impact of inflation affects your plans


Capitalization Simple, compound or continuous
Rates Fixed or yearly variable
Taxation on interests You can set a taxation rate on interests
Composition & Capitalization Every year, every 6 months, every 4 months, every 3 months, every 2 months, every month, every 2 weeks, every week, every day
Year length convention Civil year, commercial year, mixed


You can simulate the effects of inflation and so calculate the real interest rate and the final amount net of inflation!

You can set a fixed inflation rate or yearly variable inflation rates.

Moreover, it includes historic inflation rates for many worldwide countries. UK and USA data range from 1900!


There's a practical summary view, showing you an year over year progress of your interest plan (including the annual rates and the cumulative rate)

Also, you can save your plan, or load from some interesting prebuilt ones (including the stock market data since 1945, together with the inflation data you can understand the real income of the stock markets).

Ice on the cake

The app includes a practical and flexible percentage calculator, which let you calculate percentages, sum of percentages, sales, VAT and VAT deduction, percentage composition.



Very nice app - easy to use and lots of options. Well worth the 1.99$.

Nboudreault, Canada

This app is the first feature complete interest calculator I found for my iPhone! And this is really useful since it allows me to evaluate the impact of inflation on the interest rates that the banks are proposing. Inverse calculations are just brilliant.

Joe Exec, USA

A ma connaissance le seul simulateur d'épargne en français. De plus comme il est bien fait, et quasi complet, je le recommande particulièrement à tous les professionnels. Juste un plus qui pourrait être fait un mode d'emploi ; bien que sa prise en main soit assez intuictive.

Aronde, France

Très pratique pour calculer un taux,un capital.....

lagaffe943, France

Ve la consiglio, in quanto utilissima e fatta bene, l'ho pagata volentieri e la uso da un paio d'anni.

Darth Stesartremst, Italy

Version History

Interests Calculator Pro 2.6 15 July 2013

  • New Many interface refinements

Interests Calculator Pro 2.5 11 June 2013

Major new features:

  • New An updated percentage calculator is included
  • New Worldwide inflation historic data has been updated
  • Fix Optimized for iPhone 5

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